Thursday, March 01, 2012

Resolution fail - 3

Since returning from holiday last week I've made something of a decision that contradicts my earlier resolution. Or rather adjusts it.

I have always been an all or nothing kinda girl. In friendship. In love. In food. This has meant many many enduring friendships, the greatest love of my life and an uncanny ability to eat my own weight in marshmallows. I never said it was healthy. More to the point though this trait of all or nothing always aided my resolution making because I could decide on something and then follow through with vigour.)

I think age has mellowed this trait because I came back from holiday thinking I would try again to be pescatrian but with one caveat. And that is to not beat myself up so much when I didn't manage it. In the next week, since getting back I have only veered once. And because I told myself that it would be ok (yes all you iron willed people must think I am a wimp) I enjoyed that meal very much.

So this year I am all about eating healthier, adding fish and yet more veggies to my diet with more regularity. But equally I am going to eat the odd meal including meat without kicking myself or knocking my will power or tripping up my confidence.

I'm not going to cook it for myself and V unless we have guests. I am however going to eat it when I want to and after considering all the possible choices on offer. And I am sincerely still making an effort to be less carnivorous.

Fairer to self. That's what my year should be about

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  1. Hi,

    I am returning to your blog after a gap of a few years. Great writing, I am enjoying it.

    I particularly loved your Memory Box series and the post about leaps of faith. I am doing something similar, writing about my childhood memories, but in a private diary. Maybe I will share some of them online. Your posts have inspired me to write something along the same lines.

    Hope you don't mind if I link to your posts. Unfortunately, the list of blogs I follow does not show up on my home page anymore after upgrading to the new Blogger, else I would have added your blog, too.

    Keep writing.