Thursday, March 17, 2016


I am sat at Gate 31, sipping a grande mocha and blogging. I've wandered through the airport and despaired at the sizes of and limited choices in Relay. My light and beautiful black leather tote bag (the kind that is usually filled to the brim and makes my shoulder dip dangerously to one side) and I are learning to navigate the depths of its leather interiors without wadded tissue, random Lego robbers and packs of Crackers joining in the fun.

Yes, I am at the airport without my little One. Kid isn't that little anymore. Where earlier this would have elicited huge tears, now it's just knowing in advance and having a plan. He waved me off at the elevator and went back to the important task of defending the universe against Star Wars baddies. Later he has a play date and a full day of activities tomorrow before a weekend of dad fun. Only my organisational skills were needed before I embarked. A big spreadsheet on the fridge has activities, menus, important contact details and clues to find hidden treasure. A smaller sheet is for him to write me notes about the weather and his best moment of the day. And one kiss later, bye mom. 

I am on my way to India. Specifically to Goa. To celebrate my besties 40th birthday. 6 women, no spouses, partners, children, pets, work. 3 days of lie ins, long lunches, rambling walks and some sun on our backs. She is the last of the lot to turn the big 4-0. The baby among us. In a way we are all celebrating our own turns into 40. That is what awaits. 

I have never been to Goa. I don't know a single person from or in Goa but I know plenty who make this pilgrimage every year. I'm off to see what the fuss is all about. Wish me no sunburn, just a gentle sea breeze and a kind sun and few days of life reaffirmation. 


  1. Same pinch...I will be doing the same in a week or so. Though I'm from Goan by heritage and went there every summer as a child, it's been a while since I last went. Enjoy your Goa sojourn.

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Well you do know one now:-) Born and bread Goan, that's moi. You have a ton of fun girl. Goa with friends is always fun no matter what I think of it's decline over the years. And good luck to your pal with the 40s thingie. I turned last year and it actually gets great now on. Eat lots for me will ya.


  3. Goa is lovely! And how wonderful to travel solo to celebrate with friends!