Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Apparently there is no waiting till after Thanksgving to get going in the Christmas spirit of decorating. 

I'm making quite a complicated Christmas tree this year. One that involves cardboard, cloth, paper, string, lights, photographs and other bits of decoration. At the moment it's all mainly in my head but in a dash around Causeway Bay today I came up with some of the cloth components, the lights and string. Kid and his dad printed off the pictures I needed over the weekend. But the more I think about my plan the more convoluted it becomes and I guess I shall have to take a mini step back and re-think it. 

Meanwhile Kid decided we hadn't painted in many months (entirely true) and so we painted up a few Christmas cards. 

And then when that got boring (very quickly) he moved on to a construction site. He is no Picasso but he so loves painting. I'm totally biased but all the warmth of that corner sun are well flooded in the painting. 

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