Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mini Adventure

I had pre- arranged to go to Sai Kung today, to visit the home shop of Hollie from BookBugz. Her online prices seemed almost too good to be true. Of course my only comparisons are exhorbitant Singapore bookshops and fairly expensive bookshops here. I don't have the luxury of Amazon here and I don't find Book Depository as cheap as everyone says. So a little schlepping to check it out was called for.

One shuttle bus, an 8 minute walk to the train station (including asking for directions), getting on the right line but train in the wrong direction, getting off at the next station, changing platforms, getting on the right line with train in the right direction, getting off at an interchange, waiting getting another connecting train, hunting for the non signposted taxi stand at my final train stop, finding out I needed a green taxi and not a red, switching to the long queue, waiting for 10 minutes while taxis dribbled in and it was finally my turn, then driving to her house - about an hour and 20minutes in all. 

Well worth the journey. An adorable place in a green, village like setting. Quaint little house, down a quiet side road, built around a little car lot and each home draped in greenery. And being (technically) in the New Territories, I had my first green taxi ride! Certainly an experience of new things (that are not handyman related) was a great way to start my day.

She has rescued an adorable little kitten which thinks it's a puppy and was happily leaping about looking for some playtime. I spent considerable time in her shelves of books, finally choosing about 18 books for Kid. There is a reason for this large purchase and in a few days I shall explain myself. 

For today I'm a happy camper because I reminded myself that I often like nothing better than exploring places I haven't seen before and meeting new and interesting people while doing so. Buying all those books for my child is just the very bright light above our reading chair. 

And on that note, may great light love and learning come into your homes this Diwali....


  1. So what's the deal with the red and green taxis?

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Happy 'Deepa'wali(tis the only time of the year I like my plain jane name:-)) in your new abode and same-same to lil' adorable one and hubby. Do you have enough of a enthu desi crowd in the community to celebrate with or will you keep it low key this year, having just moved in?


  3. Shammi, red taxis are on the main HK part and Kowloon and green taxis go into the New territories. It's really not that special - more me being silly! I'd just never been this far out....

    Happy 'Deepa'wali to you to. I'll post all about it today and answer your questions!