Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks (and it's not for turkey)

Kid had a Thanksgiving meal in school yesterday. Of course he has took (and ate) a back up bread and butter sandwich (as recommended by the teacher) in case a turkey and trimmings dinner didn't quite do it. Apparently mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce are 'gruesome'. Wierdo.

Things I am thankful for:
1. Handwritten stuff: I think my handwriting is pretty good (and most of the world disagrees with the 6 year old who just this week declared it 'awful'). I love calligraphy and looking at and trying my hand at new fonts and the like. I love giving and receiving handwritten notes/ letters/ cards. I don't keep them all but I certainly appreciate the words and their beauty both in meaning and aesthetically. 

2. Good food: I am thankful for the abundance and variety of it available to me each day. Both to cook with at home and the various cuisines I have access to in this not huge city. I am thankful that my greatest food lesson as I grow older has been the appreciation of quality over quantity.

3. My parents and Nik: My parents - for always being cheerful, even in the face of adversity and ill health. I most appreciate them for still (despite having been proven otherwise) firmly believing that I and Nik are the very best things to have happened to them and the world. Nothing better than cheerleader parents. Long may I appreciate them and all they do for us. And Nik, for despite having his moments, I know is always there for me, even though we have not lived in the same house for near on 15 years. I’m thankful he has kept my secrets and shared my childhood with all its stories. I'm thankful of his (usually) agreeable nature and a loyalty that inspires. Clearly I lucked out in the family deal. 

4. In no particular order: New books/ old books worth re-reading/ comfortable couches/ sunshine/ good coffee/ water views/ freedom/ childhood friends/ everyday friends/ dishwashers/ technology/ watercolor paintings/ family near and far.

5. Kid: I envy his teacher for seeing him grow each day (although I am glad of the break) for this is an amazing age and of course like my own parents before me, my child is the Centre of my Universe. My real joy each day comes from playing on the floor with him - Lego, trains, cars, puzzles, arts and crafts - and listening to him fathom the world bit by bit. From hilarious mispronounciations to solemn statements and laugh out loud fart jokes, this is an age I would gladly bottle up to cheer me up in my old age. Nothing beats a good cuddle (and I hope we never outgrow those) and all that gorgeousness. 

And, finally:

6. V: I don't need to say it but since I'm being all candid about how much I have to thankful for I can safely say that he is what I am m.o.s.t thankful for. The greatest gifts he has given me are of loving me more than I have ever loved myself and teaching me that in life it is both where you go and whom you travel with. And that in traveling together we are stronger and having more fun than we ever thought possible.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. And even to those who don't - it seems in today's awful war-ing world that being thankful e v e r y d a y might yet be the only way to teach ourselves and our kids to be kinder, more gentle and be appreciative of what we have. I have an abundant life. I am very thankful. 

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