Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dancing in the Square

Now don't get excited you lot. It's not me doing any dancing. Went for lunch to Din Tai Fung in Causeway Bay and then wandered around unenthusiastically doing errands (winter things for Kid, a couple of books, a game for us all).

I was waiting outside Times Square mall for V and Kid who insisted they needed to go INTO the crowded building. I sat there wondering how yet again we had made the poor decision to come to this part of Hong Kong on a Saturday. It really is hellish, sardine can style crowding, and people smoke so much more here than in Singapore or London as they walk that it's smelly and pretty awful. And then as I berated myself for not thinking about this situation, this lot of women, girls really, walked past me. 

So I got up and followed them as they went to the little podium under that clock you see. They were joined by their 'rival' team in maroon outfits and a few minutes later there was a boom box and about a 10 minute dance routine. 

Some kind of advertising for Reebok I think. Certainly entertaining and food for thought as we trudged home on the crowded MTR. 

Not to self: Do not go to Causeway Bay on a Saturday. 

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