Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crockery adventure

Following a Facebook post where someone recommended a small pop up store selling seconds from batches of big brand crockery I decided today would be a good day to go and have a look. 

I roped in my friend M and made a morning of it. We wandered around Times Square, dodging hoards of people in a hurry and I bought a few bits and pieces to work on my Christmas tree idea for this year. Then we sat down to a noodle-y lunch at Crystal Jade and caught up on all our news. After lunch we looked up the directions offered by the FB post, which turned out to be a street name, Jardines Bazaar, and wandered off to find it. 

Causeway Bay is crowded at any time of day or night. So watching our bags, and negotiating the crowd while looking at the map for directions we finally arrived at the start of the road. It looked busy, with lots of small shops offering food to hungry customers. I could smell great bowls of food being chopstick'd into eager mouths. 

Even with no shop number or name about halfway down the street, this place was evident with its boxes and boxes of crockery spilling out to the pavement. Every size of plate and bowl, loads of interesting designs. I chose 6 small odd shaped plates to replace an old crumbly set, 6 small bowls for soup or cereal and 2 beautifully shaped white porcelain serving dishes which are just the right size for dinner for two. One of the ladies spoke English and assured me they were both dishwasher and microwave safe. She told me how the main shop is in Kowloon but this pop up is for Christmas extras, seconds and surplus from Anthropolgie and Williamson Sonoma and a whole bunch of others. It was incredibly inexpensive and I came away feeling like I had got a bargain.


  1. The stuff looks lovely! Please post the shop coordinates too!

  2. Jardine's bazaar, Causeway Bay. It's a pop up shop in a shell of a shop so no real address or name is visible or given. Just boxes of stuff for a patient shopper to sift through - all lined up along the floor.