Friday, January 04, 2013

Beholder, meet beauty

In spring last year V and I went out for dinner one weekend sans kid. While kid slept under babysitters supervision we went to eat somewhere fancy near Regents Street. Of course it was all last minute (and we got lucky with our babysitter) and so without reservation and of course we got turned away.

So we decided to walk to Soho in search of a non reservation type cheaper eatery. It was on this walk that we found ourselves on a road with galleries and jewellers, the shop facades exuding a air of exclusivity and great expense. We stopped outside one gallery where this red yellow curly-wurly glass sculpture caught my eye and I took this picture. I had two thoughts at that minute: 1. the piece was particularly ugly and a waste of resources. I was going through my we waste a lot, lets give it up for the less fortunate phase.
2. It looked like a lot of work and where the hell would you put such a gigantic piece anyway?

And then today I went for breakfast with my sister in law here in Singapore. Imagine my surprise at seeing a similar piece in blues and greens hanging in the foyer of Scotts Square! Clearly this kind of thing is popular. And it doesn't look half bad hanging up. Now we know where these things go.

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