Friday, December 02, 2011

Lost for words

First it was an amazing summer of guests and I was having too much fun to post. Then I was lazy enjoying the sunshine and long summer days.

Then another beloved uncle (cousin of my mum) died. Then a dear school friend of mine was murdered. And although we hadn't met in over 22 years we had found each other on Facebook and it was like yay technology for doing what snail mail could not. We connected again and it was all the reminiscing, catching up and looking forward that we chatted about. I'm still in disbelief about his death. And with that any words I had froze. I sat down to write about 6 times in the past month but each time the words would catch in my wrists.

Today I just knew I had to write. I think I will try and write something everyday this month. Not sure what but a few lines each day to get the rusty old brain working again. And then who knows, in the New Year I might be readable again. Bear with me.


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Sorry for your loss.
    Looking forward to read more of your writing.

  2. Sorry about what happened. I find myself unable to write too, but for no particular reason. Have also aimed to write a bit every day. More power to you!

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    What a tragic loss. I'm so sorry for your loss. More than willing to be patient till you feel 'readable' again. I'm just glad you're back as I enjoy your blog!