Monday, February 02, 2009

White. Not Christmas.

After a day and evening of watching the snowflakes dance around from the warmth of our living room (lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing from me) we've woken up to huge snow drifts covering the balcony...

The heaviest snowfall in 18 years has hit London. In February, missing Christmas by over a month. As expected there are no buses. Runways and airports are shut. The bus network has been suspended as have been most tube lines. London is so unprepared to deal with the bitterly cold weather that is routine to American cities and continental Europe. Thank god for insulation and heating and the promise of hot tea from my stove all day.

It's a day of working from home for me, a trudge to work for V and another day of living in the bathtub for our plants. If you live in London or the South East enjoy the white. It might be another few decades before we see it again.


  1. Talk about the South East being unprepared. I should add I live in Oxford and we haven't got as much snow as you just yet. That said, I did get in to work quite painlessly (better than a regular day) this morning on the buses. It must be all the good people like you heeding all the warnings and working from home. Stay warm and have a lovely tea-filled day.

  2. lol!! I pity all my acquaintances who were supposed to come back to base today.

    Yiippeee.. the sun is amazing ;)

  3. Wow!!! Wish I was there to experience this snow in London.. Enjoy the warmth of the heaters and the tea/coffee, not to forget the coziness of the house and the duvet..