Friday, July 18, 2008

Technology-warped birthdays

15th birthday:

Awesome cake: 1. Baked by my mother – the chocolatiest chocolate devils food cake. I not only got to lick the bowl and spoon clean, I also ate about half that cake. Nik ate the other half. The guests and parents merely gaped.

Phone calls: 6. Mainly family making expensive long distance calls. That is how much they love me.

Texts: 0. No mobile phone.

E-mails: 0. Little awareness of computers let alone what e-mail was.

Facebook massages: 0. Facebook? What Facebook? My face was always in a book. Just not of the electronic kind.

E-cards: 0. See 2 points above.

Real world cards: 102 (I beseeched every person I knew to give me a card instead of a gift. I was trying to beat some random record I had seen on a TV show. My mum gave me 15 and got Dad and Nik to sign some of them but also give me a card each on their own. My friends agreed and rejoiced at having got out of having to buy me a gift. Many got me multiple cards – Archies gallery did some great business in the week before my birthday. Everyone thought I was weird. I beat that TV record that no one else had seen or ever heard of. I was such a foolish foolish child)

33rd birthday:

Awesome cake: 1. Chocolate and vanilla marble, of which I ate only 1 very slice. Self- control is my hyphenated middle name in my 30’s. Then V bought me a tiny pot of divine chocolate mousse and put a tea light on the cover and sang to me. I've changed my middle name to uncontrolled.

Phone calls: 24. I would say half and half friends and family. From 7.30 the previous evening when my mother declared that I was born in India and therefore midnight in India was when my birthday starts, till 36 hours later when friends were still calling to ask how much we were partying. And not to be missed in between was a wonderful rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ by two delightful friends, bang slap in the middle of a Very Important Meeting I was meant to be paying attention at. And meant to have turned my phone off at. I don’t care. I’m 33. My superpowers include smiling sweetly at team after said call and them forgetting all about the interruption because, well, I’m 33.

Texts: 12. From 5am till nearly midnight, the beeps would not stop till I looked at the phone. I am not a fan of Sony Ericson.

Blog wishes: 25. What can I say, you guys are the awesome-est!!!!!!!!

E-mails: 7. Because everyone is now on evil evil Facebook (note: including me) and can no longer even be bothered with e-mail.

Facebook wall and messages: 30. Of which friends who would have remembered without Facebook calender to remind them: 4

E-cards: 1

Real world cards: 0

See what the internet, without any offices in Delhi, did?


  1. Real world cards 0. Lol!! That's how it is ain't it.

    Welcome to the world of virtual reality ;)

  2. 102??
    See there are things we still don't know about you...*hint, hint*

  3. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Email is important to me, I don't use facebook...happy birthday again!!!

  4. 102????!!!! I don't think I would have got 102 in my entire life!!! Lovely post...

  5. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Belated Happy Bday

  6. Oh dear, I classify in the non email users thanks to facebook category. Kind of understand the middle name part though. Belated happy birthday.