Thursday, March 08, 2007

A new day in this modern world

It’s the unsaid things that weigh most heavily on ones mind.

The weight of expectation is immense. Too large not to notice but not so large as to buckle the knees, bend the shoulders. Thankfully.

Today is International Women’s Day. This day is about ordinary women as makers of history: women around the world who challenge the status quo in their daily struggle for equality and find their own voice to guide their lives.

Let the decisions be your own, expectations be damned.


  1. You bet! Especially relevant for mothers who constantly face criticism and judgement for their choice to work or not.

  2. I hope all's well with your sister. And you know, there's no no high as high as quitting a job and no low as low as a loved one's misery.

  3. YES!
    'Let the decisions be your own, expectations be damned'
    So liberating!!!

  4. ooops. Sorry about earlier post about the sister. I don't know how that happened. It was meant for anothers:)

  5. Shoefiend: And to you!

    Rohini: Yeah, also relevant for those who stay home and those who choose not to have children. Everyone has a reason and it's theirs to hold and do as they see fit. You are a fantastic mother.

    Me: Yes, liberated is what I want to be - from having to justify myself to others based on the heavy silences and tones of voice on choices that are mine and mine alone to make. Liberated, woman!!!!
    Knew the other one was for someone else - as I have no sister...