Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Scintillating conversation

Talk about uneventful flights. Went to India two weekends ago for one mad rush week of intense socialising. There were no yelling children or screaming infants and senile adults. Just me with my knees tucked under my chin in a very cramped seat watching movies till my eyeballs popped out in revolt.

The only thing worth reporting beside a speeding downward slope in Jet Airways food and service was an unbelievably REAL conversation that has had me in splits of laughter ever since.

Late that Saturday night, 34000ft above the ground, I patiently awaited my turn outside the loo at the rear of the aircraft, attempting to stretch my limbs into their originally intended direction. Every muscle in my legs was revolting against this limbering move and my face was probably contorted in some unhelpful grimace. But certainly not unhelpful enough for this.

As a man emerges from within, a woman walks up to me and asks "Is this only for men? Where is the lady-ion ka bathroom?". When I replied that it was a common restroom for all she looked at me, made a face and looked past my shoulder to ask the guy behind, "Really, is this for ladies also? A man is coming out, no?".

She turned around without waiting for an answer from the visibly stunned man behind me and marched her way down the aisle in search for that elusive 'Ladies Only' loo.

I would like to think I look like I'd have reliable information on the usage of airplane loo's.

Apparently I'm mistaken.


  1. Hhmmm.. NEVER thought about this until now. Indeed there is no Lady-ion ka bathroom on flights.

  2. taub aauba- no ladiss loo?!!!!

    perfect blog-it story :)

  3. Anonymous12:08 AM

    too funny!!!!40in2006...hope you had a great time

  4. Hilarious babe! "Ladi-yon ka bathroom"!!!!

  5. Mr.J: Indeed there is none. It's cramped enough as it is without dividing up bathrooms gender-wise.

    Shakester: I know. I sometimes cannot believe my luck on flights - there is always a story to tell.

    40in2006: Yes I did. Will call you Sunday OK!

    Sonal: Thanks.

  6. Funny story,

    The only signage I've found on aircraft loos is that green tag that changes to red from vacant to occupied. Several years I was flying a British Airways flight I took the sign the vacant sign for granted only to find is it was occupied. Most embarrassing for the girl inside. Ever since that day I've learned not to trust the vacant sign and I knock each time just to make sure.