Friday, July 15, 2005

Of life and lilies

At noon today London came to a standstill to remember those who lost their lives in the terrible blast of last Thursday. To honour a two minute silence is the least we could do. We did it as a mark of respect and as moment of reflection. I, with many others, stood at the roadside, bowed my head and prayed. This evening thousands of people will gather in Trafalgar Square for a vigil and to thank the emergency services.

Life must go on. Inspite of all the sorrow in the world I like to think that each persons happiness is a drop making up a wondeful, clear, beautiful ocean. Beautiful things, flowers. We received a wonderful bouquet of lily buds from friends who came to dinner a few weeks ago. Bunged them in some water and didn't have very high hopes of what they would turn out to be. Well, foolish me!

One pink lily in full bloom, at its glorious best. Posted by Picasa

Tulips are my favourite flower. Lilies are catching up. A bit of research found this titbit: In many parts of South-East Asia, pink lilies are used to bring harmony and joy to the home. The sweet, gentle fragrance of this flower creates a feeling of tranquility.

I can vouch for that!

Tomorrow I'm 30.

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