Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Word spell

It’s been on the news and 3 people (so far) have sent me links to sites with news of young Anurag Kashyap of California winning the 78th annual National Spelling Bee in Washington last Thursday(June 2, 2005). He spelt ‘appoggiatura’ correctly to win.

So what's special this year? Isn’t he just another smart Indian kid. Look at this list of Indian kids who have won the Scripps Spelling Bee since 1985:
1985 Balu Natarajan with milieu
1988 Rageshree Ramachandran with elegiacal
1999 Nupur Lala with logorrhea
2000 George Abraham Thampy with demarche
2002 Pratyush Buddiga with prospicience
2003 Sai R. Gunturi with pococurante
Ok out with it, how many of you could spell all 7 words accurately on your first go.

The gap between years with Indian kids winning has dropped dramatically. Smarter Indian kids or pushier Indian parents? Not being a parent myself and trying desperately to become a responsible adult (from overgrown child playing house), I think that’s a debate I’ll stay well away from!!!! (Smart huh, that’s part of the desperately trying...). Either way well done desi bacchelog……yes, the desi community both in the UK and USofA are very proud of your spelling capabilities.

Apparently you can take the Indian away from India but not the Indian-ness away from an Indian...must be all that haldi flowing in our veins!!!!
Desi: From the 'Desh', countrymen, Indian
Bacchelog: Children
Haldi: The spice Tumeric


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    There is nothing wrong in being an overgrown child playing house. Take the play out and you are left with no fun in the house.

  2. True Shuggie. Sometimes I just need to behave a bit more adult like i.e.responsibly. All play and no work can't be too healthy - or can it?

  3. They sure know how to spell success :-)