Monday, January 17, 2005

3 years and counting

Today is 3 years since I came to live in London. It's my first home since V & I got married. And this morning when I woke up I remembered quite vividly the hugs and kisses from my folks at New Delhi, the excitement of the flight here, V waiting for me at the airport barricade, the Picadilly Line, the endless changeover at Green Park, the Jubilee Line and then finally our street, home in Swiss Cottage. It was a mini flashback, no less clear for all the time that has passed. Some memories do etch themsleves inside your eyelids!

Anyway, it's been a fabulous 3 years. And now I think I qualify as a Londoner! After all...
1. I did vote in council and mayoral elections in 2004
2. I have done most of the sightseeing things and can guide my guests quite confidently
3. I can traverse the tube with the ease of one who owns it! (for what it costs to travel I might as well own it!)
4. We have a fairly large social circle of desi's and nons
5. I have been a working human for 2 years
6. We have a favourite in each category: chinese, indian, fusion, american-esque etc
7. We have visited many of the quirky London markets over and over; Greenwich is our favourite; Borough comes in a close second

Two things I love about London are that firstly it gives every festival its fair share of the limelight and secondly that Londoners are a unique breed, mainly from diverse ethnic backgrounds, all comfortably nudging their way into the tapestry.

After 3 years I can say that London is my home!

Here's to all Londoners!

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