Friday, July 12, 2019

No one calls it SFO anymore

This morning V and I went back to Mama’s San Francisco, a breakfast joint on the corner of Washington Square (Filbert and Stockton). The last time we were here it was a cold winters morning and unbeknownst to us I was pregnant with our one and only Kid. Now my child is 10, I’m nearing my mid 40s. 

Breakfast was excellent and the line out the door completely valid. Mama’s looks exactly as it did over a decade ago, a new lick of pale yellow paint and a few more knickknacks on its shelves the only minor changes. In addition to breakfast V and I shared a slice of crumb cake to celebrate our vacation and all the birthdays this week. 

There are many highlights of our week but only 2 I want to mention right now. One is the weather - really really cold and foggy but utterly enjoyable. I want prepared enough for this and a GAP run has been made to ensure we don’t freeze. Second is the wonderful Exploratorium - a Science based tinkering space with 6 different areas of games and tinkering opportunities. Forget about Kid, we were mesmerized and despite spending an entire day there we could have spent another few. 

Today we are enjoying a boat cruise in the Bay. Fog is almost but not quite obscuring the grand Golden Gate Bridge and rocky Alcatraz . The water is calm and the swirls of clouds around us just add to the atmosphere. As we approach the last part of our American vacation I am reminded that I need to be a better recorder of life. Better than an Instagram posts paragraph that is. 

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